Business Consulting

We specialize in strategic consulting and we are a leader on the Polish market in the field of building and implementing enterprise strategies using KPI systems, including the Balanced Scorecard, which is one of the most popular strategic management tools in enterprises today.

During our work with clients, we place emphasis on developing unconventional solutions that will translate into specific customer value.

Thanks to extensive business experience and flexible work methods developed during many years of practice, it is possible to apply them in many different industries. Our offer is addressed to both corporations and small and medium enterprises.

“We believe that we create value for the client only when we propose unconventional solutions building the client’s competitive advantage!

We have our own, proven, effective and flexible methods of implementing strategic management projects. We have been improving them for years so that they better fit the needs of our clients. In our work with clients, we try not to impose our solutions, but to develop them together with the client.

We build a “winning team”, combining know-how with the knowledge and experience of the client

Project implementation methodology

In our work, we place great emphasis on understanding the specificity of each client and his needs. Together with him we are looking for the best solutions. We combine our know-how with the knowledge and experience of the client, building a “winning team”.

“Our goal is to develop solutions that will translate into financial success for our clients! Each customer is unique and requires an individual approach.”

We are guided by the principles of honesty, professionalism and professional ethics. We do not offer our services to clients if we are unable to provide the expected values that exceed the costs of these services!

“We believe that we create value for the client only when we propose unconventional solutions building the client’s competitive advantage!

Business consulting concept

In the case of comprehensive consulting projects such as: building a development strategy, implementing strategy management systems or efficiency improvement systems, we recommend close cooperation between FIG Polska consultants and the client’s managerial staff. The development of unique and effective solutions that can be quickly implemented requires combining the knowledge and experience of the client’s industry team with the experience, business knowledge and tools of FIG Polska consultants.

The recommended methodology of “educational consulting” not only guarantees the inclusion of the client’s team in the development of the project, but also prepares the managerial staff to implement the developed solutions.

We guarantee:

  • identifying employees with the solutions developed, which are the result of close cooperation between the client team and FIG Polska consultants
  • durability of the implemented solutions after the cooperation with FIG Polska has ended, thanks to the education of the client’s team and its involvement in the implementation of works
  • control over the implementation of the objectives of the commissioned project, from the conceptual phase to the final implementation of the developed solutions
  • lower costs of using the help of an advisor than in the case of projects implemented entirely by a team of external consultants.

Stages of project implementation:

  • Understanding customer problems and expectations and setting project goals
  • Suggestion to solve the problem and implement the project
  • Construction of a joint project team
  • Close cooperation during the implementation of design works
  • Project implementation monitoring

Our team

Our advisers are experts

Business practitioners, former heads of enterprises and professional advisers with extensive experience and professional successes. They have trainer preparation and are able to efficiently manage projects.