About company

From our beginnings we focused on supporting the Management Boards, assuming that managers will always strive to improve results.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve built a strong position in strategic business consulting and education for TOP Management market.

In FIF clients group is over 25,000 representatives of the management from over 2,000 companies – including 60% from the TOP 500 list of the largest enterprises in Poland according to Rzeczpospolita.

The experience of FIG Polska in the field of management consulting, combined with the training methodology is our great asset and allows us to implement the most cost-optimal consulting projects for clients. Services cover a variety of areas, including comprehensive preparation of interdisciplinary managerial teams to develop and implement projects or strategies, as well as systemic management of company value.

The advantage of our training programs is their practicality and the use of classroom tools, methodologies and solutions proven in consulting activities. This business model, unique on the Polish market, combining consultancy with education, guarantees us a qualitative advantage over training companies and business schools as well as other consulting companies.

Our clients represent different sizes of companies, different industries and strategies, but all of them are always connected by a strong passion for business and a desire for success, which is why we have been consistently implementing our mission and strategy for over 2 decades.