Quality management

Quality is the only distinguishing feature that constantly builds the value of the company, that’s why we are taking a number of actions to ensure that the quality of consulting services and training programmes respond to the needs of our clients and inspire them to change for the better.

Quality certificate of ISO 9001-2015

Training and consulting projects are implemented by FIG Polska in accordance with the implemented quality management system ISO 9001-2015. We are one of the first companies in Poland that offers services based on this certification (from 2008).

How do we ensure and we care about quality?

Knowledge Development Centre

Our Knowledge Development Centre (KDC) takes care over teaching effectiveness and content. KDC‘s task is to current track development of both classic tools and the latest trends in strategic management, finance and marketing, and also to work out its own solutions.

KDC is a team of experts who build training and seminar programmes from the scratch, update the knowledge taught during seminars, prepare training materials, develop tools that clients can use at their companies. KDC experts also ensure the steady development of consultants’ professional competence and teaching methods.

Selective recruitment of experts – management practitioners

The selection of experts conducting classes, possessing rich experience and professional successes, guarantees the highest substantive and didactic level of the classes. Due to the fact that the dominant group of seminar participants is the highest management team, we invite experienced business practitioners, leaders, advisers and entrepreneurs who stand out on the market with their achievements.

Oprócz efektów pracy niezwykle istotnym kryterium doboru trenerów-ekspertów są predyspozycje dydaktyczne oraz umiejętność przekazywania wiedzy i zdobytych doświadczeń w sposób zrozumiały i ciekawy.

Prowadzący zajęcia nie tylko przekazują i systematyzują wiedzę, ale pełnią również rolę doradców.

Monitoring the satisfaction of the most demanding customers

The quality of training programmes and the level of trainers are verified on the basis of constant monitoring of about 1,000 satisfaction surveys per year. Evaluation of our programmes, methods of conducting etc. is made by participants of our classes – top managers of domestic and international companies, graduates of reputable universities, successful in management.

Methodology of conducting classes

The methods of conducting classes are tailored to the expectations and needs of the participants – managers. We strive to transfer the best practices in the field of business education to Poland, basing our model on the experience of renowned Western business schools.

Workshop nature of classes (up to 60 percent of class time is intended for individual or group tasks), as well as a variety of teaching methods (multimedia presentations, case studies, individual and subgroups exercises, brainstorming, situational scenes, simulation games and discussions) guarantee the involvement of all Participants and favour the acquisition of new skills. Small workshop groups enable the exchange of experiences between Participants, as well as analysis and solving cases with which the Participants most often meet in their practice of management.

The annual surveys show that, on average, over 85% of participants state that the effect of their participation in trainings organized by FIG Polska was not only deepening and developing their skills, but mainly using their skills in practice to improve the functioning of their companies (increase in revenues, lower costs, improvement of financial results, limitation of business risk, etc.).

Our cyclical satisfaction surveys show that participants of FIG Polska seminars value:

  • current programmes that are tailored to the needs of the management
  • constant high repeatability
  • service quality
  • a good selection of case studies from Polish business practice
  • using the implementation methodologies developed by FIG Polska consulting department in the training programmes
  • methodology of conducting classes tailored to the expectations of the management
  • extraordinary experience of trainers – business practitioners
  • the opportunity to choose interesting topics, usually included in the MBA programmes offered by the best business universities.

Participants’ expectations are effective strategies guaranteeing business advantage, operational perfection and excellent financial results, visible in the growth of the company’s value – all in order to gain prestige and recognition.

Information – Inspiration - Integration

3I model represents measurable benefits offered to FIG Polska seminar participants. They include:


Participants develop skills in the latest management methods. The topics of seminars and trainings offered by FIG Polska are not only carefully selected, but also arranged in a coherent logical programme. The cyclical realization, the practical character of classes, the selection of training topics tailored to the needs of the management make it the optimal way to acquire interdisciplinary knowledge necessary to perform proper supervision over subordinate areas, solve current problems in a short time and better understand and improve communication in the group of top management thanks to unification of the level of knowledge.


We strive to involve and inspire participants to implement in their companies the methods and management tools they have learned during our trainings. Participants receive many tools, forms and solutions tested during consulting projects implemented by FIG Polska.


Participants take part in active networking. Thanks to the small seminar group (the number of seminar participants does not exceed a dozen or so people), classes become a forum for the exchange of knowledge and experiences between participants and our experts.

Maintaining contacts with FIG Polska experts and other participants serves, among others, our profile on the LinkedIn business platform.