Program offer

Our offer includes the necessary compendium of programs that help solve the problems of management boards and managers of companies operating in conditions of strong competition, falling prices and margins, rising costs, outstanding inventory, threatened financial security of the organization as well as when designing and implementing development strategies, cascading KPIs or improving efficiency organization.

Currently, there are 27 programs in our offer of seminars implemented in an open formula.

All seminars take place in Warsaw.

Seminar program in English on request.




        Seminars and cyclical training

        We periodically carry out over 27 workshop seminar programs. By deciding to participate in seminars led by FIG Polska experts, Participants enjoy full flexibility and freedom to choose interesting topics from among the topics usually included in the MBA programs offered by the best business universities in the areas of strategic management, marketing and price strategies, corporate finance, leadership , project management and development of managerial competences.

        This formula works perfectly when managers face the need to make effective solutions and want to become more competent in cooperation with professional consulting companies, look for inspiration and ways to reduce business risk as well as knowledge and competence to the extent necessary to exercise proper supervision over a given area.

        The repetition of programs during the year allows the implementation of the selected topic at a time convenient for the manager and the company, and whenever specific business needs arise.

        The development of managerial competences in a small circle of managers with similar achievements allows for the exchange of experience and integration.

        The leitmotif of all open seminars is the development of knowledge in key areas for managing long-term growth in enterprise value.

        The programs are built on the basis of identified key factors affecting the long-term increase in the value of the company, such as: sales revenue dynamics, operating margin rate or the cost of capital employed.

        Each seminar topic develops one or more factors that increase the value of an enterprise. By indicating the links between value factors (seminar topics), participants can develop and deepen knowledge of comprehensive enterprise value management, including:

        • effective methods of building and implementing an enterprise strategy,
        • methods for rapid improvement of financial results and performance indicators.

        Program offer of “in company” seminars closed stitched to meet the specific needs of customers is much broader.