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We support the success of enterprises and the personal development of TOP Management

We provide strategic consulting services to companies and offer a wide range of practical workshop training for boards of directors and top management.
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Workshop trainings "open" for TOP Management

Can you gain an advantage by using the same knowledge and information as everyone else?
Of course not. Gain knowledge based on the world's best training and business practices and learn about the experiences of leading companies from different industries. Try out new tools, methodologies and solutions in intimate groups, and exchange your knowledge baggage with TOP Managers in behind-the-scenes meetings.

Take part in practical workshop training with a program tailored to the needs of business owners, boards of directors and top executives.

One day of training under the guidance of experts, in the elite group of TOP Management will give you more than years of self-learning from your own mistakes.

Learn effective and valuable secrets of running a business.

Choose one of the THREE HAPPY MASTERCLASS paths and develop competencies that accelerate your professional development and the success of your business.
Why take advantage of "open" training?
HERE you will meet executives from different companies and industries. You will get a unique opportunity to exchange experiences, share knowledge or best business practices.

HERE you will gain knowledge from experienced trainers and business practitioners, and you will use 70% of the class time for individual and team exercises, case studies, joint analysis and trainer-moderated discussions.

HERE you will get a coherent and logical development program in the areas of strategic management, financial management and performance management, as each training can be implemented independently and according to your needs.
No more "loneliness at the top" syndrome
Choose the guarantee of a successful career and find new solutions and inspiration in the stimulating environment of TOP Managers. This is the best investment in your personal development, because at our trainings you will meet successful people, business founders, businessmen and managers who are eager to share their experiences, enriching each other.
Intimate training groups
With small, closed training groups (from 8 to 16 people), the trainers will give you maximum attention. As a result, you will become more familiar with the topics discussed, exchange views freely, and meet interesting people from the same management level, struggling with similar challenges. Development in a comfortable environment translates into faster building of new skills and finding answers to difficult questions about your business.
Tools to support the use of acquired knowledge
You will easily apply the knowledge you gain in business practice, as during the class you will receive document formats, analysis models, exercise solutions, training presentations and other support materials that you can use in your own company. The selection of exercises and case studies tailored to Polish business practice and management needs will help you solve problems at your workplace.

Attend the workshop training now

We'll start with a short, no-obligation conversation. You will learn about the details of the training and the benefits for you and your business. We will also be happy to answer your questions by email.

More than 100 training programs for TOP management

Advance your career and effectively build the value of your business.
Take advantage of development programs for TOP Management.
Gain a breadth of knowledge equivalent to the world's best MBA programs.

At the same time, you will receive practical and inspiring classes based on the latest knowledge, research and consulting practice of our trainers and consultants.
Gain in a short period of time the valuable knowledge and skills necessary for your career development and the success of your business.
The new challenges facing business require a holistic view of the organization and its development. The higher the position in the structure of the organization, the greater the need for interdisciplinary competence.

Don't wait! Prepare your career path.

Tell us about your plans

Only a personalized program will make you learn exactly what you need. You will save time, more easily assimilate and implement the acquired knowledge. That's why this conversation is so important.
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Business consulting

We are an expert company providing business consulting services in Poland since 1996 in the areas of strategy, marketing, finance and business organization. We specialize in strategic consulting for Boards of Directors and TOP Management in the construction and implementation of corporate development strategies.

We are a leader on the Polish market in the implementation of Balanced Scorecard and KPI systems.

We have completed more than 200 projects and consulting sessions and workshops for organizations in various industries. Our business consulting clients include companies from the top 100 largest companies in Poland, as well as medium and small enterprises.

"Our goal is to develop solutions that translate into financial success for our clients! Each client is unique and requires an individual approach."

Are you planning to grow your business?

We place great emphasis on understanding the client's situation and needs, as well as the organization's culture.
We focus on out-of-the-box solutions that will give the customer tangible value.
We have our own proven, effective and flexible project implementation methods and tools.
When working with clients, we do not impose solutions. We work them out together.

Design your company the way you want it to be in 5 years.

Benefit from the advisory support and practical skills of our consultants
Talk to your advisor

Ambition. This is a common trait among our clients

We are known, trusted and recommended to work with us by the most demanding customers, company owners, boards of directors, top executives.

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